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Engaging With Scripture

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Welcome to our Engaging with Scripture: Reading the Bible resource.  This resource was created to support our Professional Learning offering 'Engaging with Scripture'.  

The focus for this professional learning opportunity was 'How can we make meaning of the contemporary world in light of the wisdom of the Scriptures?' The program was designed to deepen participants' understanding of Scripture so they can assist young people to find new ways to explore the bible and make meaning of the contemporary world in light of the wisdom of the Scriptures. Participants were encouraged to strengthen their skills and dispositions for engaging with Scripture through critical thinking, exegesis, dialogue, prayer, storytelling and the visual arts.


What is Hermeneutics?

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Before we can begin to engage with scripture, it is important that we first understand what we bring to the text.  Watch this short clip that was created by the Catholic Education Archdiocese of Brisbane.  Listen to Dr Ormond Rush, Professor of Theology ACU, as he explains how we approach Scripture today.



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What is your hermeneutics? What do you bring to this text?



How do we write about Scripture?

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Before we look at how to write about Scripture, we need to understand the different between exegesis and eisegesis.  Listen to Matt Ryniker, Pastor of Youth Ministries and Evangelisation, as he describes the difference.


It is paramount that we are aware of bias, credibility and authorship of all the resources we use.  Credible commentaries help to guide our learning.  When writing about scripture, make sure that follow a critical approach.


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In this resource I have used a Narrative criticism approach.  A six part process is used:  










This concludes with reflecting on what the meaning of the passage was for the intended audience and then what is the meaning for this text today?


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Go to 'How do we write about Scripture?' to see how to use this in the classroom.