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Our Lady of Fatima

How am I called into a deeper relationship with others and God?

The following prayer resources can be used as a way of entering into a deeper relationship with God and others.



Use this Archbishop's Office for Evangelisation resource 'Hail Mary' to pray in a comptemporary way the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous mysteries of the rosary











Pray 'The Stations of Mary'.  It is a visual journey focusing on the various moments in the life of Mary where she said ‘yes’ in faith and love. 









Reflection Questions:

  • How does this experience, engaging with the story of Fatima, of prayer, celebration, reflection, theologising about the concept, call me to be more?
  • How does the story of Fatima impact on my spirituality?
  • How do I explore my inner voice?
  • Who am I in this?
  • How am I becoming conscious of a higher, deeper, more valued reality, beyond the senses?