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Season of Growth

Prayer in Ordinary Time

Prayer can take many forms. It can be silent and individual. A single word can be the focus. Prayer can also be very public, consisting of praise, intercession and thanksgiving with scriptural readings and songs. Whatever form it takes, Christian prayer is usually drawn from scripture and is always centered on Jesus Christ.

Before beginning prayer, either individually or in a group, take time to close your eyes and be still for a moment. Become aware of the presence of God in your heart and in the group. This creates a readiness for prayer. It is difficult for us to enter into prayer without first taking time to ‘centre’ the mind and the senses.

Choose, from the links below, a form of prayer that will suit your group/class or that will enrich your own individual prayer.


  • Primary and secondary teachers can access resources for daily prayer in the classroom. Spend time as a group reflecting on the Our Father. Principals and RECs can explore the Liturgy Resource website for complete lectionary and sacramentary resources.

Individual Prayer

  • This site from St Louis Center for Liturgy offers resources for each week of the liturgical year. The ‘Praying toward Sunday’ button provides a prayerful reflection on the readings each week.
  • Consider the value of silence in your individual prayer. The class group can also take time for silent meditation.